This project combines different elements that document the existence of a sacred cult in a primeval forest on the eastern border of Poland. They are a new movement who oppose Darwinian theory; and who believe that people actually derive from plants and are trying to reverse evolution by living like them. They turn their backs on human civilization and live in houses made of growing plants.
From the cult's statement:
'The modern human no longer sees nature as a domain to walk beneath trees, but as an abstract system of impersonal processes, powers and resources. Nature has become a thing, and a thing, as opposed to a plant, is something we can control and use, completely submissive to our personal needs and desires. We fill it with people, actions, objects, and concepts. In a culture in which everything needs to be controlled and completely accessible, the unknown has become a weakness and the old, the traditional and the repeated has become redundant or purposeless. There exists a notion of complete nakedness as a result of absolute visibility and an absence of shadows. Mystical knowledge is something that we have lost by limiting ourselves to information based on science.
Optimal visibility means unlimited consumption and full availibism. The multitude of simultaneously occurring events and phenomenons, in particular a continuous flow of novelties, cause the modern human to act in a confused and chaotic manner. The possibility of endless choice becomes a curse. It brings consciousness to the realm of the unnecessary. The modern individual has lost their cosmic, moral certainty and their mythical centre and has substituted it with appropriations to fill the missing middle point.
Instead of matching our nature with Nature we cut ourselves out of the bigger universal picture and step into a lonely journey in the cult of individualism.'
'In the shadow of our culture, we create The Culture That Doesn‘t Exist, the mystical symbiosis of human and nature. The idea of regression as an attitude creates a new order of development. We want to be ruled by the way things are according to the laws of nature which are organic, as opposed to mechanic. We are the extension of our environment.'

made in collaboration with melanie bonajo